Ecological cork handbags and Italian design: the perfect match between beauty and sustainability.

Italian design in cork leather

Italy is surely the ideal holiday destination, because it’s a warm country with great food. But that’s not the only two things it has going for itself... Many among us swear by Italian fashion design too.

Though it will probably always remain a mystery why exactly innovation and lightness in every design have been in Italians’ genes for literally ages, there is no doubt about it: looking good is just part and parcel of Italian culture, and passion for fashion is a truly national affair!

The rugged island of Sardinia with its many cork oaks is a gem in the Mediterranean whose cork ends up as many different things.

One buyer of Sardinian cork is Lin&a. We make the bark into fashion items and accessories, from handbags, over mobile phone covers to belts. Our fashion-conscious clients make a real statement with our refined finished products which are each unique in design or pattern.

Our suppliers : Valmoro

Lin&a's own label for your handbag

Under its own label, Lin&a wants to combine cork leather with other materials to unite all of them into practical, quality, modern-looking handbags. Lin&a is different from its more traditional competitors in that we offer unique designs executed in a well-thought- out way, using only the best quality materials. In short, the Lin&a label stands for stunning contemporary handbags you can't find anywhere else!

Our creations tempt young and old alike. And as a young Belgian company, it’s our fondest wish to be able to see our bags on a par one day with the current household names in fashion, because through that, we have set out to influence today’s designs and especially tomorrow’s trends in our country!

It goes without saying that we sell Lin&a bags in our webshop. Should you have questions about a particular bag, or about the materials or design, then certainly don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help you discover the surprising landscape of cork leather!

Lin&a’s label

Portuguese quality and beauty all in one

Because of its climate, Portugal is an obvious place for us too. But did you know the country is the biggest producer of cork and cork leather in the world? Due to the cork industry’s great importance to the national economy, the Portuguese harvest and cultivate this valuable resource with great care. Their government has even imposed strict rules on the industry.

The specialist experience of local producers, our own quest for the perfect, sustainable handbag and the beauty of Portuguese cork in itself, brought Lin&a to the best suppliers for our cork leather items.

Our suppliers : Rok Cork | Secret Cork