Cork leather is today’s trend material! And cork leather items are great for lots of reasons!

Top quality in cork leather

15 December 2016

There are many good things about the noble product of nature we chose for our business. Because cork leather is water repellent, environmentally friendly, fire resistant, easy to clean and hypoallergenic. In addition, the handbags in our collection come in different colours and models, so they can please young and old alike.

We have also been very strict about the suppliers we select and only go for those who offer quality design and ecologically sustainable products. That we started our own label is not a coincidence either: the design expertise we have accumulated over the years managing our large collection, our passion for cork leather and our love for the Mediterranean have all paid off and prompted us to create items of our own.

For our collection, we looked at many producers, but ended up with only suppliers from Sardinia and Portugal, because they comply with the strictest requirements, not only when it comes to quality, but also in terms of design and production processes.